SNAP PCF is pleased to announce the release of our most recent Test the Temperature Survey Report. We extend our gratitude to the parents who dedicated their time to completing this survey; your participation is invaluable, and we really appreciate your ongoing support. Regrettably, the data reveals a continuing decline in parent carers’ satisfaction levels with the Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) process and highlights continuing poor communication from the EHC Team. Page 16 features a compelling word cloud, vividly expressing the sentiments of many parent carers.

Central Bedfordshire Council has committed to addressing recommendations from both the Spring and Autumn Term survey reports.

For reference, the action plan stemming from the recommendations in our Spring Term 2023 survey is available at;

The Local Offer website, hosts the previous plan.

Previous response 2023

Thank you to Dr Helen Phelan, Assistant Director for SEND at Central Bedfordshire Council for proving this update to SNAP PCF

Thank you to SNAP PCF for undertaking the survey, and the parents who have taken the time to complete it.  

We value hearing from our parents and carers and whilst it is really disappointing to hear of many parents’ experiences, the recommendations in the report are helpful.  

We will continue to listen and respect the feedback from our SEND families and work with SNAP PCF and partners across the SEND Partnership to bring about the improvements we acknowledge are needed. 

You can read our full response on our Local Offer website:, including how we, and our partners, are responding to the individual recommendations.

1) SNAP PCF Test the Temperature June 2023 report Final


SNAP PCF SEND Survey Report March 2022 – Our report reflects 498 voices from parents and carers about their lived experience with a child or young person with Special Educational Needs Disability (SEND) who live in Central Bedfordshire. The SNAP Parent Carer Forum (SNAP PCF) SEND Survey measures parents and carers’ satisfaction with the services they and their children access within Education, Health, and Social Care.  This SEND Survey compares data to the previous SEND Survey we carried out in November 2020 which received 636 family responses.


We have shared our report and met with Central Bedfordshire Council and the BMLK Clinical Commissioning Group and will continue to work with them on improving SEND services for our families. Please see their response to our report below


“Sarah Ferguson, Deputy Director of Children’s Services and Anne Murray Chief Nurse, BLMK Clinical Commissioning Group said:      


Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the SNAP Parent Carer Forum survey. The views of parent carers about the services they receive are extremely important to us in helping to shape practice and the future delivery of services.


We know the improvements we are seeking to make take time to deliver, and we are disappointed that parents are not seeing a difference yet.  We are committed to improving the outcomes of children and young people with SEND and their families and have made extensive changes over the last couple of years.  Although progress against the Written Statement of Action has been made, we know that there is more to do, and we will continue to use parent feedback to ensure service improvements are based on the lived experiences and impact of changes on the lives of children and young people with SEND.


We will be reviewing the recommendations made in the report as a partnership, working closely with SNAP to co-produce a clear plan of action which we will publish by the end of May 2022. The action plan will contain information on how we intend to address the issues that have been raised, along with timescales and how we will measure the impact of the changes made in response to the feedback from the survey.”


1) SNAP SEND Survey 2022 Final


SNAP PCF ran our annual survey to measure parental satisfaction of local SEND services between October to November 2020. We would like to thank the 636 parent carers who took the time to complete this.

SNAP Parent Carer Forum Steering Group has written a report to highlight the current level of parental satisfaction within Central Bedfordshire. This should be read in conjunction with the survey results which are drawn from the responses of 636 parent carers (please see below). We have compared the current survey data with that collected in November 2019, to measure any progress made.

Parents have completed the survey to reflect and share their lived experience, which must be valued, respected, and most importantly acted upon. We have reported the finding to Central Bedfordshire Council, the Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group, Cambridge Community Health Services, East London Foundation Trust, the Department for Education and NHS England. We will continue to push the SEND agenda for our families and work towards the improvements needed as part of the Written Statement of Action (WSoA)

SNAP PCF report on the November 2020 Survey with data and comments Final

Survey 2020


SNAP Parent Carer Forum ran a survey in 2018 to review the satisfaction levels of parents in Central Bedfordshire regarding the services they receive to support their families. The results of this survey and our report can be found on this page. We wanted to update the survey results and with OFSTED and the CQC carrying out a Joint Area SEND Inspection during November 2019.

154 parents completed the survey, there were only a few days to do so as we needed to collate the information for the inspection in a very short period of time.  We would like to thank parents for completing the survey as it is vital we hear parents views.

We have shared the survey results, families feedback that we had received in the last 12 months and our report with OFSTED Inspectors on the 18.11.2019. SNAP PCF has also shared the report and data from our survey with Central Bedfordshire Council and the Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group to ensure they hear the voice of the families in Central Bedfordshire with the aim to coproduce an improved service in the future.

1. SNAP PCF SEND Survey Report

Ofsted CQC survey

Strategy Meeting with the Local Authority and Health Partners

Thank you to everybody who completed our Satisfaction with SEND Services in Central Bedfordshire survey.  SNAP assembled all the data into a presentation and report which we delivered to key partners from Health, Social Care and Central Bedfordshire Council.  Having carefully removed any and all data that could identify individuals, we felt privileged to be able to present every single parent comment from the survey, as a true reflection of the parent voice.  The results will also influence the direction and priorities of SNAP as a forum.

19.6.18 Strategy meeting Survey Presentation_

Report from the Satisfaction survey

Strategy meeting parents answers

Strategy meeting question part 2.