We receive funding from the Department for Education and we receive this grant, support, and training through Contact which is a national charity. We also receive funding from Central Bedfordshire Council and the BMLK NHS ICB.

We have a partnership agreement which can be found below and on the Local Offer website, this sets out our role as being treated as an equal strategic partner and, that our independence is valued and respected.

“Central Bedfordshire Council and BLMK ICB are responsible for the delivery of services to our community of families with SEND, SNAP PCF provide independent, strategic, and operational steer and feedback to support the SEND Partnership Board. By working together effectively we will deliver the best possible outcomes across our partnership for children and young people and their families. We will do this by sharing ideas and delivering change together, whilst also challenging each other on the journey towards the mutual benefit of a strong partnership that will be evidenced through action.

As equal partners we will share our different perspectives and understanding of the complex and multi-layered challenges that children, young people and their families may experience. We will reflect this in the way that we work together to share the expertise that each partner brings and together unlock creative and innovative ways of improving the experience for children, young people, and families.

As a partnership, we are committed to co-production being at the heart of everything we do, and we believe that ‘together is better’. This means working together consistently with SNAP PCF, young people, and families as equal partners as we design, develop, implement, and review services, recognising the value of working together as a way of maximising the chances of getting the services right the first time. As partners we each bring different and complimentary expertise. We strive to communicate with and involve, families in such a way that children, young people and their parents and carers can have their voices heard. (Partnership Agreement)

SNAP PCF Partnership Agreement with Central Bedfordshire Council and the BMLK NHS ICB https://search3.openobjects.com/mediamanager/centralbedfordshire/directory/files/partnership_agreement_final_signed_160922.pdf SNAP PCF, CBC, BMLK NHS ICB Contract